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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Ajna Massari Balances Life With Reef Relief- CBD Muscle Salve

Ajna Massari aka @PrincessAjna has many moving parts in her life and she was able to find time to share her story with us. She is an active person that djs, vlogs, bartends, sings, and is an overall business woman. She likes to stay sharp mentally and physically and discovered that with CBD, she is able to balance her life with less stress and anxiety. She began using CBD because she learned she was able to receive all the positive benefits without any psychoactive effects. We have a variety of products and with the introduction of our CBD Muscle Salve, we felt she was a great person to visit and share our product with.

Ajna is a very magnetic person. She is from Long Beach and right from the beginning one can tell she is a welcoming and inviting person. We began to talk about her day.   Ajna is consistently busy as she stays DJing throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas or in keeping up with her YouTube and her Vlogs. She stays engaged with the community and as our conversation progressed, we casually came across the topic that brought us together - CBD.

“I am constantly on the go so CBD keeps me well balanced and keeps me calm and it helps relieve my anxiety when I’m gonna perform or go bartend or go to a business event,” said Ajna Massari. 

CBD hit the mainstream this past year, and with companies like Ben & Jerry and The Jelly Bean Company looking to launch CBD infused edibles, people are turning to its benefits and using CBD more and more often. We combined the new wave of CBD with a product also known for its own natural healing properties. Muscle salve has a long history and its ailments have been said to help temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain that are related to arthritis, bruises, simple backaches, sprains and everyday muscle aches. There are a lot of home remedies but here at Reef, we took a long time to create the proprietary blend that create our Reef Muscle Relief CBD Salve. We tested and created a product we are proud to standby.

“The biggest benefit of using CBD is that I can use it for my aches and pains after a long night of scratching on my turntables or bartending all night,” says Ajna. “ It really helps with my aches and pains.”

Ajna spends a lot of her time outside and being active, but she also has a lot of responsibilities on-line. She keeps her Instagram growing everyday and also creates videos for her YouTube. CBD helps keep her balanced and calm as she transitions from outside activities, to being in front of the camera. Her mornings are early and her nights are late. Ajna’s absolutely enjoyed Reef and is looking forward to making it part of her routine.

Ajna uses CBD daily and she recommends CBD as a natural way to medicate without leaving psychoactive effects. She has her morning routine as well as her night routine and has a variety of methods she chooses from. We were happy to hear she loved all the assorted Reef products.

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