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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Bodybuilder Carolyn Gets Pumped About Reef CBD

Carolyn Kim is a world class competitive bodybuilder, bikini model, and personal fitness trainer who raves about Reef CBD. First recommended to her by a friend at the gym, Carolyn turned to Reef CBD products. Having complained about soreness and constant muscle tension, Carolyn found that Reef CBD helped relax her muscles and relieve muscle soreness and joint inflammation.

“I tend to be really sore all the time because I work as a trainer and I’m constantly working with clients so it just helps me overall throughout the entire day,” Carolyn explained. “I felt that Reef CBD was helpful because I could use it all day; it wasn’t limited to just a nighttime thing. I didn’t feel the effects of being high so I could use it in the gym or at work. I had such insane focus and pump during my workouts. I was so much more productive and so much more focused.”

Having found a solution for her physical ailments, Carolyn found Reef CBD while searching Instagram for a CBD brand that she felt met her high standards of quality and trustworthiness. She cites the Reef CBD body rub and Reef CBD soft chews among her personal favorites.

“I really like the Reef CBD products because they have a wide variety of different CBD products I can use,” said Carolyn. “Definitely, my favorite Reef CBD products would be either the soft chews or the body rub. The gummies are super yummy and there’s many different flavors. My preferred method of CBD is definitely the Reef CBD rub. I love it because on the spot you can put it wherever you need it and it always works and does the job.”

“I like the CBD tinctures a lot as well,” Carolyn added. “I really like the tincture because they come in a lot of different flavors and I like that you just put a couple drops beneath your tongue and it’s quick and effective.”

In addition to the physical benefits Carolyn has realized from incorporating Reef CBD into her daily regimen over the last four to five years, she has also experienced numerous internal benefits as well. As Carolyn explained to us, the lead up to a bodybuilding competition demands fifteen weeks of training three times a day and pushing her body while in a constant calorie deficit, the stress of which can wreak havoc on one’s mental and emotional wellness.

“I was training so much my body was constantly sore and you have to do ice baths and all these extensive sports massages and stuff. It’s a very high stress duration and people don’t realize that’s why people develop certain eating disorders or compulsive disorders, but for me I would just medicate with Reef CBD and then go to the gym and be able to get through my training and focus on the day to day,” Carolyn recalled. “I medicated every single day through my prep using Reef CBD products and I felt that it really helped me stay level headed and execute, stay calm and composed, and it helped me so much with anxiety and a recovery. I was able to relax and I train just as effective and just as hard every single day.” 

Carolyn continues to push herself passed her own limitations and boundaries, mentally and physically, and credits Reef CBD for aiding her in doing so. As one who not only takes meticulous care to remain in the top echelon of fitness competitors in the world, as well as someone who helps others sculpt and evolve their minds and bodies, Carolyn has been all too happy to share her story and spread the good word about Reef CBD.

“I really feel like Reef CBD was one of the things that got me through fifteen weeks of prep, got me through to becoming a two-time nationally qualified bikini athlete, that got me to the trophies, and kept me level headed,” raved Carolyn. “I’m really grateful for everything that Reef CBD does for me on the day-to-day.”


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