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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

5 Most Commonly Asked Questions about CBD Gummies, Answered

Let’s go back to a time when you were a happy 10-year-old. Before your back ached and before your anxiety crushed all of your dreams.

Now, remember how great those golden brown little gummy bears tasted? And how nasty the green ones tasted?

What if we told you that we're bringing back the gummies, only this time they’re exclusive to 21+ members. The best part? They’re made specifically to reduce the side effects of adulthood (i.e. back pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more.)

These beautiful little treats are CBD gummies.

Still have some questions? Read on for the top 5 most commonly asked questions about CBD gummies and their answers.


What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical that is part of the cannabinoid group. It is found in the leaves and flowers of the marijuana, or cannabis plant.

There are several studies being done to further the list of benefits CBD offers, but for now, we know that it helps with anxiety, depression, pain relief, insomnia, and inflammation. Many use CBD as treatments for mood, memory, and movement disorders.

CBD can be ingested, smoked, or applied directly to the skin.


Will CBD Gummies Get You High?

Yes, CBD does come from the marijuana plant. No, CBD will not make you high, as it is a non-psychoactive chemical.

CBD gummies are not to be confused with THC gummies. If you live in an area where recreational marijuana is legal, you’ll probably find some THC gummies.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the extract from the marijuana plant that is psychoactive and will make you very high. Most THC gummies contain CBD.

CBD gummies, on the other hand, don’t typically contain any THC, and as such, they will not get you high.


How Strong Are CBD Gummies?

The best part about CBD gummies? You can choose how strong you need them to be.

Different gummies will have different doses of CBD, so you can experiment and find what works best for you.


Are CBD Gummies Right for Me?

You might be wondering, are these gummies right for me?

You don’t have to have chronic pain or a movement disorder for CBD to benefit you. Since you can choose your dosage, CBD can do as little as help you relax before a big exam, or as much as stop a seizure in its tracks.


Ready to Try? Where Can I Buy CBD Gummies?

Did we help clear up your CBD questions? Are you ready to bring back your childhood gummy dreams?

These gummies are easily available online and come with a special perk: they’re discreet.

If you don’t want your friends and family to know about your CBD business, then gummies just might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Order these gummies online and wait for a discreet delivery right to your door. No one ever has to know unless you want them to.

So if you’re ready for a gummy blast from the past, order some CBD gummies today.

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