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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Freestyle Motocross Rider Evan Hall Takes Flight With Reef CBD

Evan Hall from Temecula, CA has been riding freelance motocross for fifteen years but recently reached new heights with Reef CBD. Evan started using CBD products just a few years ago after trying a sample at a cannabis convention. Having tried various CBD products to varying degrees of success, Evan was turned on to Reef CBD products by a friend just a few short months ago. “My favorite methods of consuming Reef CBD are by vaping and topical application,” Hall told us. “I’ve tried the entire variety of Reef CBD products. I love them all!”

For a freestyle motocross rider, it’s not a matter of IF you’re going to get hurt but WHEN, and how badly. Evan recalled having suffered numerous injuries from the requisite bumps and bruises to severe headaches caused by head injuries and bad landings, all of which Evan says are helped by Reef CBD. One particular mishap has led to lingering effects and continued suffering for which Reef CBD products appear to be of the greatest relief.

“I snapped my femur in half,” Evan explained. “Since then, my thigh muscles tend to lock up. Reef CBD helps relieve my leg, neck, and back pain and is a huge part in relieving muscle tension.

While age and time takes their toll on any freestyle motocross rider, Evan continues to live with high risk and high reward continuing to pursue his passion, thanks to the continued help of Reef CBD. “Using Reef CBD products help keep me excited to get back out there,” said Evan. “With Reef, I know I’m ready.”

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