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Reef CBD Blog

How to Find your Ideal Dose of CBD

There always seems to be this one pertinent question that many users of CBD oil tend to ask, especially when they are new to the supplement. The question remains, “How much CBD should I take?”. The answer to this question is not straight-forward and depends on a whole lot of factors including the type of product being used, the kind of results you are looking for and a combination of other factors that are peculiar to you as a unique individual. We will help you through this article with a few necessary steps to guide you in knowing how much CBD to consume.

There are factors at play 

It is essential to understand that there are a couple of factors that will influence the CBD dosage that you settle on. As a result of this, knowing what they are is particularly essential to help find just the right dosage for you.

Everyone is different

No two people are ever the same. Just like how everyone’s physical makeup is different, the endocannabinoid system of everyone is also different. This means that CBD’s interaction with everyone will also be altered. To find the right dosage for you, be mindful of your tolerance to cannabis or cannabis-related substances. Body weight as bulky people often seem to need more CBD per dose. And metabolism as a slower metabolism may require less CBD per dose. Also diet plays a role.

Product type, mode of application and bioavailability

For CBD to take effect in your body, there is the need for it to get into your bloodstream. However, only a portion of CBD gets processed into your bloodstream anytime you ingest a calculated amount of CBD. This is what is referred to as bioavailability – that percentage out of the lot that makes it into your system as intended. For instance, if you ingest a CBD tablet containing 10mg of CBD and only 3mg gets access into your bloodstream, for you, this particular mode of ingestion is 30% bioavailable. If you know the type of product you are getting, how well to ingest it and its likely level of bioavailability in your system, it can help you adjust your estimated dosages.

The Biphasic Effect

Strangely enough, compounds in cannabis tend to portray biphasic properties. What this means is that sometimes you may take a low dose and experience a high dose effect and vice versa. Because it is possible for CBD to produce a myriad of benefits even at a dose that’s low enough, it is always advisable to beginning taking CBD at a low dose first. When taken at massive doses, though, CBD isn’t harmful.

CBD Dosage Guidelines

As a general principle, it is acceptable to take up to 25mg of CBD two times a day. For people with smaller frames though, taking as little as 10mg a day should suffice. It is always important though that you start with small doses and work your way slowly up till you get to the treatment that works well for you.

Finding your sweet spot

You now are privy to the range of factors that influence the dosage you should take. What's next is essential in finding just the right dose for you. These are general guidelines that can help just about anyone to settle on the correct CBD dose.

Decide on your mode of application and find a product

There are various CBD products out there and different methods by which they can be taken. For example, while the capsule can be swallowed; the oil is meant to be taken sublingually. The purposes of application do have a bearing not only on the bioavailability but also on how long the effects of CBD will last and how long it will take before you start feeling the effects.

Go for a product that contains just the right cannabinoid/terpenoid profile. Looking at lab tests for your product can offer you understanding into the contents of the CBD product you are going in for. By understanding various spectrums that CBD comes in, as well as the entourage effect, you will be more guided in going for a product that is the most useful to you.

Consider the factors at play and estimate your dosage

Using the contents of this article (concerning the factors that may influence the impact of your dosage) and any other personal research about your current condition, estimate your ideal dosage.

Start from a low dose level

Begin taking CBD at a low dose, working your way up until you start experiencing the effects for which you bought the product. In taking the doses, do so at the same time every single day for consistency.

Hold course

Continue with precisely the same dose just for a few numbers of days before switching on to a higher dose. It is essential to be taking notice of how you feel as you take the doses.

Adjust when you have to

The moment you establish a baseline, you may want to adjust up or down depending on the effects of the compound in your body.

We wish you the best in finding just the right CBD dosage for your needs.

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