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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Krysta Dances With Reef CBD, And That’s No Stretch!

Krysta Danai is all about the movement which is why she relies on Reef CBD. As a certified RYT 200hr yoga instructor and dance/performance artist, Krysta’s body is both her main tool for work and her main brush for creative expression, and Reef CBD plays a big part in helping her stay active.

From Detroit, Michigan where Krysta earned her teaching credentials to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood where she currently resides, Krysta has applied her fervent belief in the healing power of teaching through movement. In addition to teaching yoga, Krysta is a world class dancer with a classical dance background in just about every style and often performs fire dancing.

If Krysta looks familiar, it may be because her talents have taken her to the television screen more than once as a dancer in several music videos for rap god Eminem, amongst others.

“The biggest benefit of Reef CBD is that it helps your body relax which helps with yoga and dancing because it keeps your muscles relaxed, which is the purpose of yoga to begin with,” says Krysta.

A prominent influencer in the CBD/cannabis space for the past five years, Krysta was an early adopter of CBD who’s preferred methods of application are Reef CBD body rub for joint pain and sore muscles, and Reef CBD honey sticks.

“I like to start my day with Reef CBD honey sticks,” Krysta stated. “They really help get my day going and are a relaxing, sweet addition to my morning tea.



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