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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

LGBT Advocate Takes Pride Cashing In With Reef CBD

Casmerina, from Long Beach, CA, is an incredibly busy lady, but never too busy for Reef CBD. Cash, an LGBT advocate and social media influencer, often times finds herself thrust into social situations amongst throngs of people that would otherwise pour gasoline on her social anxiety and nerves were it not for Reef CBD.

“I take Reef CBD on the daily because I feel that it’s very beneficial to not only my physical health but my mental health as well,” Cash tells us. “They’re flavors are absolutely delicious, they’re super discreet, and it helps tremendously with my anxiety because it contains only 100% CBD; zero nicotine.”

With a lifestyle that keeps her constantly on the go, Cash finds that Reef CBD’s array of CBD-infused applications allows her to choose the right product for any circumstance or time of day, though Cash cites Reef CBD vape oils as her personal favorite.


“I really appreciate the wide variety of Reef CBD products. They have everything from tincture, edibles, flower, body rubs, vape oil, and even honey sticks,” said Cash. “My favorite product from Reef CBD is their vape juice.”

Cash fills her spare time doing charitable work as well as serving her community. For someone who struggles with anxiety in large group settings, participation can be arduous enough, let alone planning and running charity events, which is how Cash tells us she spends her limited free time.

“Reef CBD helps me be in a large group setting,” Cash explained. “I do charity work in my spare time for a non-profit. I run blood drives for children with cancer and the stress and anxiety of making sure everything goes right is often overwhelming.”

As a member of Long Beach’s vibrant LGBT community, Cash takes great pleasure and fulfillment out of networking and connecting with her fellow LGBT community members, and states that Reef CBD helps allow her to be more active and engaged.

“Being in the LGBT community Reef CBD helps with my social anxiety because I really enjoy going to events and being a part of the community but I often times feel held back because I’m so nervous all the time,” Cash told us.

“Reef CBD helps me overcome my social anxiety by helping calm my nerves, helping me relax, I can go and have fun, and I can engage with my fellow LGBT community members.”

Reef CBD is all inclusive, non-exclusive, and is proud to celebrate all our friends in the LGBT community.

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