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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Luke Builds His Fitness Gym And Discovers Reef CBD

Reef has its headquarters in Costa Mesa but we have extended our reach to cities throughout California and the United States. As we roll out new products we are connecting with more and more people who not only use CBD for a variety of ailments, but also as an overall body health supplement. We went out to the city of Covina to visit Luke and hear how Reef CBD is a part of his daily life.

Luke is born and raised in Covina, California. Luke has a strong sense of the community and whether it was being on the football team or being the prom king, he always had people looking up to him for inspiration. He has a background in sports and always had a fascination for pushing his body to its limit. As he discovered his passion for fitness after high school, he found himself training harder and harder. This motivated him to begin his fitness career professionally over 7 years ago. Luke is well known in the community and being an inspirational member of it, he began to do fitness boot camps at local parks. The reception was overwhelming and with the community supporting him, he and a partner opened up Anatome Fitness, a fitness gym that the community can rely on. Luke personally trains and holds programs for his gym members, and through his gym members, Luke discovered CBD.

“They started taking it, they would tell me all the benefits of it.” said Luke. “How it was healing their muscles faster, faster recovery, and just kinda relax them and help them sleep better at night.”

Feedback is a major component here at Reef and we value your insight. By reaching out to the community, we are able to learn and hear your thoughts and feelings. Luke was able to share with us not only his insights but also those of his fellow gym members. The fitness community is opening its arms to the CBD community and we are happy to be able to provide such a variety of products that are being well received. Our Reef Relief CBD Muscle Salve is the immediate product to reach for in the fitness arena. Working out and balancing the amount of strain one's body can go through is hard. Everyone is looking to push themselves to the limit and it can have its wear and tear on the body. The feedback on CBD helping muscles and recovery line up perfectly with our Muscle Salve. Apply directly onto the areas you worked out, and receive the benefits of CBD.



Luke mentioned the overall effect of being relaxed and being able to sleep better. We have our Reef Wellness Soft Gel Caps that are a great way to consume your daily dose of CBD that will affect the entire body. The soft gel caps is a great way to end a work out and be able to unwind. The high level of training needs a cool down period and the addition of our soft gel caps is a great way to relax.

Luke was able to change the lives of many through his boot camps and now his gym, Anatome Fitness. The same people he helped at his gym helped change Luke’s life with CBD. He has implemented CBD into his daily routine and is seeing the effects himself.

“The biggest benefit that CBD does for me, is it really just helps me recover faster so every single day I'm able to hit the gym as hard as I can without the extra sore muscles that come from working out,” said Luke.

Luke is a huge motivational and inspirational leader in the community of Covina. He grew up K-12 in the city, opened up his own business in the city to help provide jobs, taxes, and made sure the business is a welcoming establishment that is a safe place for people in Covina to train in. Thank you for sharing your story with us and being a part of the Reef Family.

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