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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

New Product! Reef CBD Muscle Salve

We are having an amazing summer and have kept momentum moving with staying active in the community. We have had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with as many of you as possible. The time spent in the community and industry events was used to not only educate you with our products, but to educate ourselves on products that interest you. We want to know what products you would like to see us to add to our line. In doing so, we went into research and development to produce a new product that we are excited to release. Muscle Relief CBD Salve.

Muscle Relief is a common ailment that many of us deal with. As active people, we are consistently going outdoors, working out, and engaging in our community. This lifestyle keeps our mind and body strong but we need moments to recover and relax. This is where salves come into play. There are a lot of testimonials on the benefits of using salves to help aid in Muscle Relief. Benefits have been said to include the following : temporarily relieve pain from sore muscles, stiff joints, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, nerve pain, stimulates circulation, and anti-inflammation.

The Reef Muscle Relief CBD Salve has all the benefits of a regular salve but now contains the power of CBD. Our mentholated salve consists of only 100% natural, USDA certified organic ingredients that were grown, harvested, produced and tested in the USA. We cut no corners to provide you a high end, top quality, clean and safe CBD salve. Our CBD Salve is 100% Hemp derived and is THC Free. Enjoy all the benefits without any psychoactive effect.

While most individuals enjoy CBD by ingesting, topicals are on the rise in popularity. Our salve can be placed directly on the source of your discomfort and the effects have been said to be powerful. Instead of having CBD work its way through your body, rub Reef Muscle Relief CBD Salve on the source of your ailment and watch it work its wonders. Reef Muscle Relief CBD Salve works by both aiding in muscle pain and also tackles inflammation. Due to the fact it is not metabolized, high dosage of CBD salve is safe. We have 500mg of CBD in our salve to create a fast acting topical.

CBD has been gaining momentum and the industry is growing quickly to meet the demands of consumers. Reef Muscle Relief CBD Salve is a perfect introduction to people who are interested in receiving the benefits of CBD, but are unsure of what and which companies to try. It is also great for the experienced user who wants a natural, quality, and trusted brand to use. Our list of products is growing and with your help, we can bring even more products you want to use to market.



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