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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Is Saving Grace

Grace Lalouh is a marketer/influencer based out of Hollywood, CA by way of San Jose and with her hustle and bustle lifestyle, Reef CBD has been a calming influence on Grace’s day-to-day. Life happens faster in the City of Angels and transplants from smaller market areas can often times feel overwhelmed. That’s where Reef CBD comes in.

“I currently use CBD as part of my daily holistic regimen,” Grace told us. “I find that it really helps me cope with my anxiety and just some of the daily stresses of living in such a busy city.”

Grace started using CBD while searching for a more natural, plant based medicinal alternative to brand name pharmaceuticals. Already having made the root supplement tumeric a part of her daily routine, Grace soon began incorporating Reef CBD products into her better health lifestyle after Reef CBD was referred to her by a college friend.


“I first heard about Reef CBD from a friend who recommended it,” said Grace. “I was looking into alternative plant medicine and she [had been] using it as part of her daily regimen. She raved about Reef CBD!”

“The Reef CBD tincture is amazing and tasted delicious. I like to use Reef CBD tincture in the morning,” Grace explained. “I put a full drop right on the tongue and it really gets my day going.”

Grace soon realized several benefits to using Reef CBD products. Aside from allowing her mental clarity and the ability to keep anxiety that had challenged her since childhood at bay, Grace also credits Reef CBD for allowing her to regulate her eating and sleeping and helps her maintain an overall mind/body balance. In addition, having recently suffered a back injury, Grace cites Reef CBD as an effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent.

“The fact that I can take something good for my body that is also going to relieve some of that anxiety and stress...that’s magic,” said Grace.

Upon further recommendation from her friend, Grace soon came to enjoy the many products offered in the Reef CBD line.

“I’m hooked on their soft chews. They’re so delicious!,” Grace raved. “Not only are they easy to remember to take, I throw them in my purse, and they help me maintain a good mood all day.”

“I love that Reef CBBD has such a wide variety of CBD products,” Grace continued. “I use the Reef CBD Honey Sticks to stir into my tea at night. The Reef CBD topicals help with aches and pains throughout the day. It’s great to have one solid brand that has everything you need; a one-stop shop!”

Overall, Grace explained that Reef CBD products not only have offered her a variety of solutions for the various mind and body challenges we all soldier through on a daily basis, but perhaps more importantly, Reef CBD has provided an array of products that have helped allow Grace a healthy, natural, holistic alternative and to not have to lean so heavily on potentially dangerous chemicals found in many prescription drugs.

“I think it’s a better alternative than taking some of the different pharmaceuticals that are available to us today,” said Grace. “I prefer using plant medicine versus some type of toxic substance that has much more side effects and isn’t going to be as beneficial.”

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