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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Reef is Making a Splash at CHAMPS in Denver

Champs Tradeshow is a business-to-business convention that brings many levels of the counter-culture together.   In doing so, Champs has helped streamline business practices, built networking relationships, help grow the industry to multi-country distributions, and developed brands from start-ups to well established companies. It has been a great contribution to Reef and the ability to reach a large range of constituents is a beneficial opportunity for us to share our knowledge and love for CBD.

1999 marked the birth of Champs and they implemented a business model that targeted the growing smoke shop industry. The list of exhibitors include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, glass artists, inventors and suppliers of CBD, smoking products, 420 products, clothing, and other specialty gifts. Each year hundreds of buyers come together throughout the 5 state trade show tour. There are 2 in Las Vegas and 1 in Atlantic City, Chicago and Denver. Each year there are industry leaders as well as brand new companies. CHAMPS planners Jeff Hirschfield and Peter Gage have brought together the counter-culture and by being persistent and forward thinking, have helped bring it to the mainstream.

We have been a part of Champs Tradeshow and have grown in business relationships, distribution networks and it has only further fueled our inner passion in this business. We have been doing a lot of research and development and are excited to bring new products to showcase. We have introduced the Reef Relief Muscle Salve, Reef Wellness Salve, and Reef Wellness Capsules. The reception has been well received and we have been getting the word and knowledge out as much as possible.

Champs has always been a proud supporter of the counter-culture and has even pushed the Glass Art culture to the forefront. They do so by hosting a Champs Glass Games. They bring top glass artists together to highlight and showcase their art.

“Glass artists will also be playing marbles throughout the day for a chance to compete in the Glass Games Masters Final in 2020. Our third Denver Glass Games event is sponsored by FocusV and its new product the Carta. Artists will design unique, one-of-a-kind attachments for the Carta. All of the artists’ attachments will be on display and available for purchase through the individual artist,” Champs Tradeshow.

As the smoke shop and smoke ware industry continues to grow, the glass industry progresses and becomes more sophisticated. The industry is at its best and all of the newest, high-end, top quality products are on display and available for wholesale orders.

Visit for more information on how to become an exhibitor, glass artist or purchase a ticket to become a buyer.

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