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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Reef Makes Waves at ECC

ECC 2019, Southern California’s biggest vape expo, was held at the Ontario Convention Center from August 30th-September 1st. This year saw many new products and an influx of new companies. While this is primarily a vape expo, we were excited to be a part and the opportunity to network with other companies is important to us. Reef was one of the few CBD companies at this years ECC and the reception was well received. We introduced Reef CBD to as many people as possible and the education we were able to provide further developed our passion for this industry.

We had all our products on display and samples to hand out. It is humbling to be able to engage and connect with the community. The gummies were a favorite to many and everyone enjoyed all 8 flavors. We also were able to provide CBD ejuice for the vape companies which was a huge hit. The ability to mix health with flavor and also provide the proper knowledge to explain the benefits of CBD is a high priority for us. 

Another main aspect to ECC is the day consumers are able to attend. This means we were able to speak directly to you and hear your feedback. We are a Southern California company and we love to meet as many people as possible from our region. Direct sales were available but we made sure to provide everyone with lots of free samples. 

ECC was 3 days long and it was well worth it. We saw lots of old friends and made some new ones. Catch us at the next convention in Orlando, Denver and St. Louis.

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