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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

Shay C. Keeps Focus With Reef CBD

Shay C. is a professional photographer and videographer from Riverside, CA. Shay picked up the trade from his father and with the rigors and physical demands of the job getting the right shot often takes priority over his physical discomfort. That was until Shay found Reef CBD.

A former football player, Shay had been an avid cannabis user to treat injuries he suffered as a result of a horrific car accident when he was just a teenager and soon turned to CBD creams and topicals to gain relief from intense muscle spasms.“I started using CBD after a car I was in was t-boned when I was 16-years-old,” said Shay. “I didn’t like taking prescription pills. Reef CBD helps me a lot.”

Shay, now 35, told us he still experiences pain from that car accident to this day. Compounded with the punishment endured in his line of work, Shay relies heavily on Reef CBD to manage a variety of issues both internal and external.

“Reef CBD helps me a lot,” Shay explained. “Sometimes you have to contort yourself in odd ways to get the shot. You have to get the right lighting, the right angle. It can be very taxing on your joints. Using Reef CBD body rub and taking Reef CBD gummies throughout the day allows me to be able to keep working hard.”

“Especially when filming concerts I’m always moving, always active,” Shay continued. “Constantly getting up on stage, back down into the photo pit - you have a heavy backpack and have to always have your gear on you. Most times you’re having to switch lenses, microphones, even cameras. Using Reef CBD throughout the day and before I shoot allows me to continue to go and continue to push.”

While Shay tells us that his preferred method of ingesting Reef CBD is Reef CBD body rub due to the constant nicks and scratches that come along with territory and the rub’s ability to help those surface level injuries heal faster, Shay also likes Reef CBD gummies and vape oils when using in public and Reef CBD flower just before bed.

“I love the variety that Reef has and appreciate all the ways Reef offers me to use the medication to service my needs in every way,” gushed Shay. “Reef CBD body run helps with inflammation and stomach issues I have and the Reef CBD vape allows me to be more discreet in public. I can take the medicine I need without worry of being judged by others.”

“My favorite is the Reef CBD flower,” Shay offered. “Taking it right before bed definitely helps me sleep.”

Shay isn’t the only one in his household that relies on Reef CBD products to combat social anxiety. Shay tells us that his dog also loves taking CBD and that it helps them, as a team, to be able to face each day.

“Reef CBD products really help me with my anxiety, especially when going out in public with my relief dog, who also takes CBD,” Shay shared. “It helps us to be able to face things as a team, to be able to take things head on. Having my little dude next to me is so comforting.”

“I love Reef CBD products for the relief that it gives me throughout the day.”

1 thoughts onShay C. Keeps Focus With Reef CBD

  1. avatar Jeff Drogos says:

    i’ll give the free sample a try, arthritis in my hands is bad at times hopefully it will help

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