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Reef CBD Blog

Reef CBD Blog

The Results Are In: You Can’t Spell Relief Without Reef CBD

Over the last few weeks we’ve introduced you to numerous people from all walks of life who have come to rely on Reef CBD as a regular source of relief for various ailments and conditions in our “Reef Relief” video series. Each individual spoke about how Reef CBD had made an indelible impression in their day to day lives.

We introduced you to L.A. based yoga instructor Jess Tolan who told us about the need to maintain her flexibility and relieve soreness while practicing her craft. Jess would be the first of many people with particularly active lifestyles, including triathlete Ryan Smith, movement artist Nikkie Luevano, and extreme sports adventurer Aaron, who sought out Reef CBD as a means of achieving pain relief as well as an active anti-inflammatory to help with muscle soreness. 

Competitive bikini bodybuilder Carolyn shared Jess’ affinity for Reef CBD as a means of relieving soreness and maintaining maximum mobility. Also like Jess, Carolyn talked about the benefits she receives from Reef CBD in addition to the obvious physical benefits. 

“It’s very high stress and people don’t realize that’s why people develop certain eating disorders or compulsive disorders, but for me I would just medicate with Reef CBD and then go to the gym and be able to get through my training and focus on the day-to-day,” Carolyn recalled. “I medicated every single day through my prep using Reef CBD products and I felt that it really helped me stay level headed and execute, stay calm and composed, and it helped me so much with anxiety and a recovery. I was able to relax and I train just as effective and just as hard every single day.”

Numerous subjects we profiled in out “Reef Relief” series spoke about the benefits of Reef CBD for mental and emotional challenges such as anxiety and insomnia. Grace Lalouh, marketer and influencer, is always on the go and spoke primarily about how Reef CBD helps her deal with stress, something Long Beach based LBGT advocate and non-profit fundraiser Casmarina opened up to us about. 

“Reef CBD helps me be in a large group setting,” Cash explained. “I do charity work in my spare time for a non-profit. I run blood drives for children with cancer and the stress and anxiety of making sure everything goes right is often overwhelming.” 

“Being in the LGBT community Reef CBD helps with my social anxiety because I really enjoy going to events and being a part of the community but I often times feel held back because I’m so nervous all the time,” Cash told us.

“Reef CBD helps me overcome my social anxiety by helping calm my nerves, helping me relax, I can go and have fun, and I can engage with my fellow LGBT community members.”

Some of out “Reef Relief” personalities even spoke about how Reef CBD became a welcome alternative to pharmaceutical pain medication in the recovery of a major injury or life altering episode. Chef Chase spoke about how Reef CBD helped return to the kitchen, despite the rigors of the trade, after suffering a serious back injury in 2016. Shay C. had a similar experience after surviving a horrific car accident as a teenager and tried numerous methods in search of relief before CBD helped him resume his career despite the physical demands of being a professional photographer/videographer. Shay found Reef CBD to be such a relief both for his pain and anxiety that he shares his Reef CBD with his relief dog to help calm his anxiety a well! 

Perhaps most daunting was our most recent profile subject, freestyle motocross rider Evan Hall, who, in addition to the aches, pains, bruises, bumps, and head plants expected with such a high risk endeavor, narrowly cheated death when he snapped his femur in half.

“I snapped my femur in half,” Evan explained. “Since then, my thigh muscles tend to lock up. Reef CBD helps relieve my leg, neck, and back pain and is a huge part in relieving muscle tension. Using Reef CBD products help keep me excited to get back out there. With Reef, I know I’m ready.”

Every one of our “Reef Relief” featured personalities said the same thing about Reef CBD regardless of their reason for use: every one of them loved the variety of flavors and methods offered by Reef. Whether you prefer to smoke Reef’s CBD vape oil, drop some Reef CBD tinctures into your food or drink, gobble up some Reef CBD gummies or soft chews, smoke Reef CBD flower, or apply a layer of Reef CBD body rub, we have something for you.

What are you waiting for? Go grab some Reef CBD and let us know how it works for you!

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