A Green Guide to CBD Tinctures

A Green Guide to CBD Tinctures | Reef CBD

In the past few years, CBD sales have risen into the millions all over the country. You've likely heard about this three letter oil, either on the news or from wellness friends. You also know the struggle over making its usage widespread and affordable. 

It comes in all forms, from edibles to topical ointments. But what could be most popular are the CBD tinctures that most manufacturers are most known for. Keep reading to find out more about tinctures, and why you should look into it.


What is a CBD Tincture? 

To understand what this substance is, you first have to know what the word "tincture" means. "Tincture" is a word that encompasses the meaning of all herbal extracts. It's made by using solvents to extract the important parts of the herb to make into an oil. 

Using cannabidiol flowers, makers soak them in alcohol to separate the critical parts. Using what's extracted, manufacturers often mix it with oils that have other benefits. CBD oils on their own taste earthy and sometimes leave a bad aftertaste.

What is the result of this process? It's a potent supplement that has great health benefits. It doesn't contain THC, so there's no reason to fear getting high.


What Are Some Uses for CBD Tincture? 

The biggest thing you'll want to know about CBD tinctures is, do they work? What do they even do? Why should I try them? 

Those are common concerns and questions to have before buying a bottle of your own. 

Some people report the relief of chronic pain with the use of CBD oil. While the FDA regulated status of CBD is still in motion, people swear by the tincture. It's promising because of its effects on the endocannabinoid system in the body. 

Other benefits of CBD tincture use:

  • Reduce anxiety 
  • Decrease depression 
  • Help with neuropathy 
  • Heart problems 
  • Acne clear up

Because of the way CBD reacts with the body's system, there are many good things that can happen when taking it. 


Possible Side-Effects of CBD Tinctures

Like everything, some people won't react well to CBD tinctures. Not every body is equipped to deal with the substance the same way. 

1. Sleepiness 

Because of its help as a sleep aid, CBD can cause drowsiness when taken in high doses. It's important that you test the effects on your body before you drive. If CBD causes excessive sleepiness, stop taking it and talk to your doctor first. 

2. Pregnancy Concerns 

If you're pregnant or hope to conceive, don't start CBD without talking to a doctor. There are many herbal supplements that aren't healthy for pregnancy. CBD hasn't gone through enough testing to know for sure if it's safe. 

3. Medication Interference

CBD oils may cause some medications to be less effective. This may include hormonal birth control methods. The reason is that it can affect the enzymes in the body and how it absorbs medications.


Where to Buy CBD Tinctures 

In a word, CBD tinctures are a beneficial supplement that has worked for many people. It's an up and coming wellness tool that is getting easier to buy and use all over the country. 

We have several flavors of CBD tinctures that come in a variety of sizes and potency. If you're ready to see what the fuss is about, take a look at our shop. 

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