Adventurer Aaron Stays Active With Reef CBD

Adventurer Aaron Stays Active With Reef CBD | Reef CBD

Aaron is a life-long adventurer from Chino Hills, CA who stays all sorts of active and he credits his wellness and recovery in large part to Reef CBD products. Aaron’s commitment to living a life in nature has led him to various outdoor passions such as wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and hitting balls at the driving range with friends.

“There’s nothing like experiencing the exhilaration of what Mother Nature has to offer,” said Aaron. “Get out and enjoy life.”

Aaron started skiing when he was just three years old and took up snowboarding when he was 10. After being recommended Reef CBD products by a friend as an alternative to the often dangerous and pharmaceutical painkillers, Aaron began implementing Reef CBD into his daily regimen to ease, primarily, stiffness and neck and shoulder pain.

“I’ve had my fair share of injuries,” explains Aaron. “CBD helps with pain management and creating a space for me to have full workability, relief from discomfort, and allow me to continue to live an active lifestyle that I’m committed to.”

Having taken his share of hard slams on the water while wakeboarding or suffering a debilitating shoulder injury while indoor rock climbing, Aaron relies on Reef CBD products to allow him to continue pursuing his athletic passions.


“I’m always trying to push myself and push my limits and I’ve paid the price a couple times,” said Aaron. “ I take Reef CBD on a regular basis to manage pain and deal with discomfort on the daily. Reef CBD really does the job.”

Upon learning about Reef CBD, Aaron began exploring the entire Reef CBD product line and found that the various product offerings allow him to use different applications depending on his specific needs.

“When I wake up in the morning, I’m not as spry as I used to be,” joked Aaron. “Even just leisurely like hitting some golf balls with the buddies I experience some tendonitis and shoulder pain. Reef CBD allows me to soothe the discomfort and have some fun with my boys.”

“The Reef CBD tinctures are nice. Personally, I really like topicals. They do the job really well. The other thing I’ve found that works well is Reef CBD vape. They allow faster, more direct relief.

”Whatever your needs, however you please, Reef CBD has you covered. Check out our online shop and see which Reef CBD products works best for you!"

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