Are the Benefits of CBD a Placebo Effect?

Are the Benefits of CBD a Placebo Effect? | Reef CBD

The hottest new thing in the health and wellness world today seems to be CBD oil. Almost everywhere you turn this product seems to be there. Easily accessible, today you can find various CBD oil products being sold online by thousands of companies. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that it is being sold in at least one store in your town. Given how popular the oil is among users, many people are beginning to question whether its effects are authentic or just a farce. Some label the oil as snake oil whiles others call it the miracle oil. It is deemed as snake oil because some people claim it doesn’t help people like it has been touted to do. And some consider it a miracle oil because of claims that indeed helps in the treatment of the of a wide range of condition. As CBD oil continues to grow in popularity, the question on the minds of many people remains, “Is CBD oil the real deal, or are those many reported benefits simply a placebo effect?”

What is a Placebo?

Per the American Cancer Society, a placebo is a “substance or other kind of treatment that looks just like a regular treatment or medicine, but is not.” Often, and in research studies, placebos are used together with the real treatment in the form of a “double-blind controlled study.” What this means is that the researchers doing the administering as well as the patients the procedures are being administered have no idea which treatment is the placebo and which treatment is the real one. The research is, thus, allowed to be as unbiased as possible. This helps researchers know whether the actual treatment being studied is valid or not.

Is CBD a placebo?

CBD is not a placebo according to research. There have been a variety of studies where CBD and placebos were used together. And these studies show that CBD does have therapeutic benefits that far outweigh those of just CBD placebos. We all possess an endocannabinoid system, and this system is responsible for the regulation of balance within the body. Studies have shown that CBD, a phytocannabinoid does interact with this system. This means that the effects of CBD are very real and cannot be dispelled as a myth.

Why is CBD oil thought to be a placebo?

One of the reasons for this belief is because the benefits  of CBD are seen as too good to be true. The reason why many people think that CBD oil is a placebo is because they cannot believe that CBD does have what it takes to be an excellent treatment option for many conditions and ailments. CBD has this reputation as a cure-all compound, and many people cannot fathom that. Of course, CBD isn’t a miracle compound that can cure diseases though it can help make symptoms more manageable. At times, it can be used together with more conventional forms of treatment and at other times, it work can just as well on its own.

No two people are the same

One thing that many people fail to realize is that we all are different. This sometimes explains why some people get maximum benefits from CBD, and others do not. CBD comes in the form of so many products and different people benefit from different doses, methods of ingestion, and even different cannabis strains. Though CBD is the main component of CBD oils, full spectrum products, for instance, are made up of other cannabinoids – although in minor amounts – and terpenes. Sometimes, all it takes to see benefits is finding the right product containing the correct ratio of cannabinoid and terpenes ratio. This process of experimenting can become tedious and costly for most users, and so they tire out and give up easily after using one type of product, and it doesn’t work for them.

Lack of instant effects


With CBD, sometimes its effects take some time to show. People take one dose of the oil, and because it didn’t work that one time, they wave it away as a CBD placebo, dismissing the product entirely. Sometimes, depending on a range of factors, the effects or benefits are not felt immediately. This, however, does not make it a placebo. All you may have to do is increase your dose.

It is understandable that quite a number of people think CBD oil is not valid. Of course, it might not work for everyone, but it still doesn’t make CBD oil any less effective than it has been touted to be. Because there are numerous reports testifying about the goodness of CBD oil, surely CBD oil cannot be brushed away as a placebo.

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