Can CBD Oil Help With Depression?

Can CBD Oil Help With Depression? | Reef CBD

Although the FDA is still at war with CBD oil, it's legal in several states. Why does the U.S. Federal Government care?

CBD companies often claim their products provide health benefits such as eased anxiety and depression.

The government might need more time (or maybe more money from the right people) to determine if such claims are true. Today we're going to go ahead and untangle this mystery for you. Here is what the experts say about CBD Oil for Depression.


First, A Definition of Depression

The National Institute of Mental Health defines depression as "a common but serious mood disorder." It affects every aspect of your life from sleep to work and relationships. You should never take depression lightly.

While you can experience short bouts of depression, the symptoms generally last at least two weeks. To be diagnosed with depression, you must experience symptoms for this long.

You can experience several forms of depression. Some are event related, others are chronic.


Psychotic Depression

This is severe depression paired with some type of psychosis. Psychosis could include delusions, hallucinations.

These often feature a depressive theme.


Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD

If you live somewhere where winters are particularly dark, you might experience SAD. The lack of sunshine causes a chemical withdrawal and symptoms ease in the summer.


Postpartum Depression

This is a serious disorder where a mother will find it extremely difficult to complete tasks for both themselves and their baby. If symptoms of this nature last more than two weeks after birth, the diagnosis is postpartum depression.


Bipolar Disorder

Commonly known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is different from depression in that it occurs in cycles. At one point you are extremely depressed, at another, you are manic and obsessive. 


Traditional Therapy for Depression

The traditional therapy for depression includes a mix of counseling and medication. Often a psychologist will give you coping exercises.

These could be breathing exercises, a blessings journal, or meditation.

While traditional medication is often effective, it can cause some nasty side effects. Common side effects include decreased sexual function or desire.

This is true for both men and women. You could also experience increased appetite and weight gain along with insomnia, anxiety, and blurred vision. 


What Science Says About CBD Oil for Depression

Project CBD is a website dedicated to the collection of data on CBD. Their section on depression lists 14 separate studies on CBD oil. All of them suggest some sort of connection between CBD and antidepressant-like effects. 

Since anything cannabis and hemp related was illegal for a long time, most studies available are animal trials. Recent human trials do show a correlation between CBD oil use and decreased depression symptoms.

Researchers also found that CBD oil has an effect on blood pressure in those who suffer from both depression and high blood pressure. While this study was done mostly in women, it could have implications for the larger population.

CBD oil for depression might be a viable alternative if you're worried about the side effects of traditional therapy. Check out our store if you want to try some CBD oil for yourself. 

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