For This San Francisco Chef, Reef CBD Cuts To The Chase

For This San Francisco Chef

Chef Chase is a San Francisco based culinary master who knows how to use ingredients to create masterful dishes that are not only healthy but also delicious. It is no wonder then that Chef Chase incorporates Reef CBD to aid in his personal health as well as a secret spice in some of his favorite entrees.


Chef Chase suffered a serious injury in 2016 that resulted in tension, soreness, and mobility problems as well as trouble sleeping. With the physical daily demands made on his body due to his chosen profession, Chef Chase tells us how vital Reef CBD has been in his recovery.


“I first heard about Reef CBD in San Francisco from a friend who plays drums,” said Chase. “He recommended I try it because I was having some neck pain and sleepless nights.”


Initially, Chef Chase was turned on to Reef CBD via our Reef CBD honey sticks. Citing the sticks as a personal favorite, Chef Chase found himself implementing Reef CBD honey sticks in dishes such as bar-b-que and hot wings and appreciates its versatility using it teas and beverages as a sweetener substitute. The self-proclaimed cannachef reports what he described as “extraordinary” results.


Honey Sticks by Reef CBD features sticks of real, raw premium honey that is infused with broad spectrum CBD extract, meaning each Reef CBD honey stick contains no THC, the cannabinoid in marijuana that gets people high, to present a sweet and sticky treat that your taste buds will go wild for. Enjoy a “pixie-stick-type treat for adults” and feast on something that will have all the bees swarming to you as they claim you to be their queen!


Reef CBD infused edibles are non-psychoactive and are taken to help reduce pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and so much more. Studies have shown that Reef CBD even helps treat movement disorders such as Tourette's syndrome. Reef CBD infused edibles provide long-lasting relief, as opposed to vaping or smoking CBD. Perhaps the best part is the discretion offered by Reef CBD infused edibles. No one needs to know that you’re taking CBD unless you want them to.


“I really enjoy Reef CBD products because of their consistency,” noted Chase. “There’s a wide variety to utilize in my food cooking.”


In addition to the honey sticks Chef Chase has found useful ways to incorporate several Reef CBD products in his culinary efforts utilizing Reef CBD hemp flower in dry rubs and seasoned salt on dishes like chicken, beef, and roasts (“I enjoy smoking has a great taste,” says Chase.) The savant of San Francisco treats tells us that he also likes to use Reef CBD tinctures due not only to it’s versatility of being able to add a few droplets into snacks like dips and guacamole, but also it’s overall convenience. Being over to roll over in the middle of the night in pain and easily grab a bottle of Reef CBD tinctures to realize consistent, solid relief is a game changer for Chef Chase.


“My personal experience with Reef CBD; I would recommend it to just about anybody I know. I think if you have back pain, sleepless nights, or any kind of anxiety, reef has a product that will help you.”


“I would encourage everybody to give Reef’s products a try.”

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