Nikkie’s Got Moves By Reef CBD Keeps Her Dancing

Nikkie’s Got Moves By Reef CBD Keeps Her Dancing | Reef CBD

Nikkie Luevano is a movement and performance artist and yogi from Los Angeles, CA. A lover of everything having to do with awareness, body, and breath, Nikkie in turn has become a lover of Reef CBD.

Nikkie took to performance art at an early age dancing since childhood and performing her first solo in a stage presentation of “Frosty the Snowman” when she was just three-years-old. Having rediscovered dance as her lifelong passion at the are of 22, Nikkie’s creativity has led her from theater to dance, and even to fire dancing, the physical demands of which can range from rigorous to punishing.

“Reef CBD really helps to keep my body strong and agile without being slowed down by aches and pains...things that would hold me back,” says Nikkie. “Reef CBD helps me to keep going.”

Navigating her way through the streets of West Hollywood from dance classes to yoga classes constantly training and on the go, Nikkie was feeling the consequences of her arduous pursuits when a friend recommended Reef CBD body rub.“It was great! I could immediately feel my muscles loosen up,” said Nikkie. “My body responded right away. I really enjoy the experience.”

While Nikkie has explored the entire line of Reef CBD products, her favorite continues to be the Reef CBD body rub with Reef CBD honey sticks coming in a close second.

“I love Reef CBD body rub,” Nikkie proclaimed. “Full relaxation of my body is important. My preferred method of ingesting Reef CBD is definitely the body rub. I like to feel the tingling relaxation of my muscles.”

Between dance class three nights a week and yoga nearly every single night, Nikkie tells us that she used Reef CBD nearly every single day several times a day. Whether applying Reef CBD body rub to problem areas after class, dropping some Reef CBD tincture into her water bottle, or drizzling some Reef CBD honey sticks into her tea before bed, Nikkie finds the various product offerings from Reef allows flexibility and convenience in how she ingests her Reef CBD.

“I love that Reef has such a huge variety of products,” said Nikkie. “I think that their tinctures are a really amazing way to get your daily dose of medicine.”


“Reef CBD has been such a benefit to me and my family,” Nikkie stated. “From headaches, cramps, body is my main canvas and Reef CBD has proven so helpful. I think it’s really great.”

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