Pass That Pen: 5 Surprising Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

Pass That Pen: 5 Surprising Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil | Reef CBD

For years, THC has stolen the spotlight, but another cannabinoid is starting to take the stage: Cannabidiol.

But some of us were CBD fans before it became famous. And to that we say, greetings fellow CBD enthusiasts!

If you’re not already familiar, CBD reduces inflammation, pain, and anxiety. It also has shown to improve cognition and help with movement disorders.

Today we’re here to talk about a new way to get that oh-so-satisfying CBD fix: vaping.

“But wait, isn’t vaping is for nicotine?”

Contrary to this popular belief, vapes are actually perfect for CBD. Read on to learn why vaping CBD oil is the best consumption method.


Vaping CBD Oil Allows Faster Absorption

The Science:

When CBD is vaped, it’s vapors spread directly to your lungs. From the lungs, the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, whereas other products rely on the digestion process.

Because of how quickly the CBD reaches your bloodstream, you’ll feel the effects within minutes.

So if you’re someone who deals with chronic pain that needs fast relief, vaping CBD oil is perfect for you.

Scientists also believe that vaping allows for better absorption, as opposed to other consumption methods.


It’s Perfect for Customized Dosing

Think about it, gummies have a very specific amount of CBD in them. Vaping, on the other hand, lets you decide exactly how big of a dose you want.

Feeling a little crabby? Take a small puff. Having a major anxiety attack? Try a few slow, long puffs.

You can also purchase CBD oil in different potencies.


Cleaner for You: Cleaner for the Environment

Often times gummies or capsules are filled with other unnecessary ingredients.

Vaping is one of the only ways to consume CBD oil in it’s purest form. Aside from a bit of PG here and VG there, you get exactly what you ask for. No hidden ingredients.

As for the environment, vaping doesn’t have all the sticky smoke that ruins your clothes and stink up the room. It’s pure vapor, so you can vape inside, around friends, or in the car.


It’s Discreet and Portable

Vapes come in all shapes and sizes.

You can find teardrop vapes that are as small as the palm of your hand. These vapes are lightweight and fit right in your pocket. No digging around in your bag for a box of gummies that was probably in the way anyway.

The best part? No one has to know what you’re vaping.

If you opt for a flavored juice, such as blue raspberry, your friends will only be able to detect the sweet blue smell.


Pass the Vape

Don’t keep your vape to yourself, tell your friends!

Just about anyone can benefit from vaping CBD oil, whether it’s for health reasons or simply the portability.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect vape oil, we’re here for you! We’ve got all the flavors that no one else has. Fuji apple? You know it! Strawberry Guava? Yes, please!

If you’re still not convinced, check out our FAQ section for more CBD info.

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