Shannon’s Impact with CBD and Yoga Massage Therapy

California is a mecca for people to find themselves as well as experiment with new ideas. Los Angeles is also where a lot of people travel to in order to free themselves from the past and explore new beginnings. The state is one of the most popular in the world and having such a diverse demographic of natives as well as foreigners is what makes California vibrant and always bouncing with creative energy. As the rise of CBD continues, the open-minded community of California is taking this trend and pushing it to its limits. One of these amazing spirited individuals is Shannon.

Shannon is originally from Detroit but soon found herself moving to Los Angeles. She has been studying Yoga all her life and has been teaching for the last 5 years. Part of her travels have taken her all over the world and the introduction to healing properties from different cultures has helped impact her daily life but also the lives of the students she teaches. She opened up the first ever yoga massage bar - Vivastrah. She fuses her experiences and cultures to provide an experience that is new and liberating. Part of her experience is implementing CBD into her regimen which she also recommends to her students.

“I like to apply the CBD Salve before my sessions, after my sessions - I’m honestly using it all the time,” says Shannon.

The first hand experience and recommendation from someone who has been across the globe, lived with different cultures and seen a variety of healing methods is truly a motivational push to our passion. The Reef Muscle Salve has been making its way into the hands of so many different types of athletes, work out routines, yoga sessions, and all around hard working people. This topical is a must have in everyone's medicine cabinet. The organic and natural healing properties of our Reef Muscle Salve is a win-win situation. While our topicals are a great way to apply to the specific area of your discomfort, we also carry soft gels that are a perfect blend to help one sleep at night.

“Before I discovered CBD, it’s been very hard for me to actually fall asleep. My mind is like always thinking, so when I lay down it’s kinda like the first time I sit down all day,” says Shannon. “And honestly, every night I’ve been taking CBD to go to bed, and it’s really been beneficial way for me to relax and actually sleep and stay asleep.”

Hearing testimonials that confirm our hard work is one of the most rewarding aspects. Reef is committed to bringing quality CBD products that you can trust. We will always have a diverse product line to make sure you have your preferred method of intake. The Reef Wellness Soft Gels are the perfect blend to provide an amazing night of sleep.

In one of the busiest states, California, it is easy to keep pushing oneself to their highest potential and forget that recovery is also crucial. Reef is your trusted CBD that you can take anywhere. You can’t spell relief without Reef

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