Understanding Full Spectrum CBD

Understanding Full Spectrum CBD | Reef CBD

In your bid to locate the most effective CBD oil on the market, there is the need for you to first determine the contents of the hemp extract used in manufacturing. When you take full spectrum CBD products, for instance, they contain whole plant extracts from the hemp plant, offering the fullest potential cannabis compound profile to the consumer.


Full spectrum CBD products have their extracts intact – neither filtered nor isolated into a single molecule. They contain a full blast on cannabis compounds including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other plant matter. When taken, each of these compounds works together synergistically to increase the therapeutic potential of the product.


How full spectrum CBD oil is made


Full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant using a variety of available extraction methods. This extract is usually very thick and oily. It is then processed via a number of methods including winterization, filtering and heat activation via decarboxylation before being packaged.

Full spectrum is usually extracted from high-quality hemp plants as these contain only trace amounts of THC and are more desirable to the general public. Legally, these industrial hemp plants from which full-spectrum extracts are received from must provide less than 0.3% of THC. Companies that produce full-spectrum CBD products, therefore, do whatever it takes to ensure that they start production with hemp strains of the highest quality as these usually tend to be rich in CBD, terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids.




It is essential to understand that 95% of all full-spectrum products you find on the market is likely to have been decarboxylated. This is the application of heat to the extract to ‘activate’ and transform its raw cannabinoids into forms that can provide the results expected of them. For instance, on a completely mature hemp plant, Cannabidiol or CBD is found as Cannabinidiolic acid or CBDA. When heat is applied to the extract, this raw CBDA loses a carbon atom which paves the way for its activation into CBD. This also happens for the rest of the cannabinoids in the extract.


Benefits of full spectrum CBD


If you are on the lookout for a CBD product that carries a massive potential of offering maximum therapeutic benefits, look no further than full-spectrum CBD. The thing with full-spectrum products – unlike CBD isolate – is that they possess a whole-plant chemical profile, so they offer maximum potential therapeutic benefits to the consumer. Everywhere you go, full-spectrum CBD products are being taken advantage of to help in the effective treatment of a wide variety of minor and severe conditions.


Understand that not all full-spectrum CBD products are the same. Because there are different strains of cannabis, it is of utmost importance that the product you settle on has been produced from high-quality hemp. Be sure these products contain very rich cannabinoids and terpenes and thereby, increasing their therapeutic potential. Buying an effective product means buying from a very reputable brand. Such companies will not hesitate to release their third-party lab tests for their products to you, so you know what you are getting for yourself.


Will full spectrum CBD be evident in a drug test?


Any genuine full spectrum CBD product that has been extracted from the hemp plant contains some amount of THC – albeit in very minimal amounts. This amount isn’t higher than 0.3%. This amount to THC is therefore too insignificant to produce the same mind-altering effects experienced by marijuana users.


However, this amount is enough to show up on a drug test. Some full-spectrum CBD oil users have been reported to fail drug tests because of this. If you are wary about this, then you might turn your attention to broad-spectrum CBD products as these offer the same benefits as full-spectrum but without THC getting in the way. You can term them as “THC-free full-spectrum CBD products.”

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