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Ways To Consume CBD | Reef CBD

For instance, some people report a sense of calm and peace; others report increased anxiety levels and unpleasant sensations. The intensity of these symptoms will largely depend on an individual's body composition. In addition, marijuana strains feature different levels of THC oil concentration that also determines the intensity of the CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. Besides THC, it is the most renowned cannabinoid, and has recently gained a lot of attention from the scientific community. However, in contrast to THC, CBD is non-рѕусhоасtivе, meaning it doesn’t induce the typical high associated with the effects of cannabis. CBD interacts with the human body via the endocannabinoid system, where it influences receptors within this system.

The compound has many promising medical applications and therapeutic effects. CBD is an anti-convulsant that has proven to be effective in treating forms of epilepsy, but also boast anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and analgesic properties. With all of these promising findings on CBD, we want to outline some of the best ways to ingest this cannabinoid (because there are many). Let’s get started!



The first and arguably the most common way that you can consume CBD. Reason being, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to extract and manufacture CBD oil. That means it is going to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways that you can purchase CBD oil. It is also really easy to add CBD oils to just about anything that you are consuming.

You can easily add a few drops of CBD oil to a class of water or something that you are drinking. It is really easy to blend them into a smoothie or a protein shake as well. You can easily add this to anything that you are cooking as a fat replacement. Throw that in substitution for some olive oil. For anyone that is interested, the process of extracting CBD oil is so simple that you can even purchase kits so that you can make it at home.



To the untrained eye, tinctures may just look like it’s CBD oil with a different label and a different name. If you are concerned about using oils because they are such a high concentration of CBD, tinctures are the much milder version of oils, in that way. The nice and convenient thing about tinctures is that you can drop them directly onto your tongue or into your mouth without mixing it into your food or beverages. The other great aspect of tinctures is that they some in a variety of different concentrations, so they are easy to administer and measure for medical purposes.


Purе Hеmр Oil Concentrates (Sublingual method)

Sublingual method (under the tongue) is beneficial for users who are sensitive to taste. Hemp oil concentrates when placed in the sublingual region quickly goes into the bloodstream through tiny capillaries, without needing to go through the digestive system.

This mechanism produces speed up in the interaction of oil concentrates with endocannabinoid system in the body. The sublingual method is best for quick effects of hemp oil concentrates.


Ingest Orаllу (Ingestion Mеthоd)

Perhaps ingestion is commonest and well-known method for taking medicine or supplements in orally capsule form. Capsules of CBD or hemp oil can be easily swallowed with the mouthful of water or juice. Hemp oil capsules first enter into the digestive system and metabolize in the liver, then making the active compounds mix into the bloodstream. CBD can be infused with the wide variety of edibles or beverages including coffee.


Topical Method

Topical Method CBD or hemp oil is also available topically in the form of lotions or salves for external application on skin. The active ingredients in such products interact with the cells of skin layer while not entering into the bloodstream. Topical CBD oil is best for individuals who are looking for isolated pain relief for muscles, joints, or to address severe skin conditions only.

Some companies also manufacture topical hemp or CBD oil within the range of beauty products like body wash, shampoo, skin conditioners, or moisturizing lotions.


CBD Chewing Gum

If you like chewing gum, and are looking for a way to benefit from the non-psychoactive benefits of cannabis, then CBD chewing gum is the method for you! This is definitely a medically-oriented product, with the latest versions releasing 80% of the CBD content within the first 30 minutes. Most products come in regular spearmint or similar flavors, and are quite easy and convenient to dose throughout the day. The perfect solution for those on-the-go. Most CBD chewing gums are made from completely natural ingredients and without any added sugars, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial additives, so that they are perfectly suited for the health-conscious consumer.


CBD Salve

A salve is a medicine-infused concoction (CBD in our case) that's administered directly through the skin. Salves use fatty oils and wax as their base, but no water. Usually beeswax is used, since it has the best properties for this kind of salve, while coconut oil has proven to be the best carrier oil option. When applying a CBD salve, the skin acts as a useful molecular passageway to quickly absorb the ingredients. Essentially, the CBD-carrying lipids get transported across skin cell membranes. CBD salves are best used for joint pain or skin-specific conditions like eczema and psoriasis, so you can apply the CBD directly to the affected areas. CBD salves are fast-acting as well.

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