What Color is CBD oil supposed to be?

What Color is CBD oil supposed to be? | Reef CBD

Did you know that the color of CBD oil drops differ from one brand to the other? Even within the same brand, the color can sometimes differ, and whiles the color of CBD oil doesn’t necessarily divulge everything you need to know about the product, it can indeed offer you a bit of information about the product. More often than not, the color of the CBD oil is determined by the carrier oil used. It is also determined by the process of extraction, product type, and any other additional ingredients used to make the finished product.


The CBD product type affects the color of the oil


In its very raw form, pure crystalline CBD isolate is white and powdery. When mixed with a carrier oil, it ultimately gets dissolved and has very little to no impact on the color of the final product.

Full spectrum extract, on the other hand, is dark green or brown. Full spectrum extract usually contains the main ingredient CBD, in addition to other cannabinoids, terpenes, and raw plant materials. Due to all of these combinations, full spectrum CBD oil drops tend to possess a somewhat golden or dark-brownish color.

If the CBD oil you are using seems to have no color at all, then the chances are that it is an isolated or broad spectrum. For isolates, they are made up of only CBD in its purest form and so come with no color. Full spectrum products have their THC component removed using special processing techniques and so are devoid of that dark color that comes with full spectrum oil drops.


Factors that affect the color of CBD oil


The Color of Carrier Oils


It’s very rare to find any CBD oil that isn’t made by having the CBD extract diluted into a carrier oil as these make CBD oil drops easily consumable. Because many CBD oils are made this way, the colors of carrier oils tend to have a bearing on the color of the final product. Olive oil and hemp seed oil are typically golden colored, with a tinge of green and impact the final product. Carrier oils like coconut or MCT oil are colorless.


Extraction Method used


There are two main ways by which CBD can be extracted – the ethanol extraction method and CO2 extraction method. When the ethanol method is used, for instance, a substance like chlorophyll is also removed. Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants and so tends to give the finished CBD oil product a bit of a green hue.


Additional Ingredients


At times, the ingredients added to the product can impact its color. Some natural and artificial flavors can have a hand in what the color of the oil turns out to be. Take for instance Charlotte’s Web chocolate mint flavored oil; this CBD oil type tends to be very dark because of the incorporation of dark chocolate mint flavoring. When mixed into a very concentrated full spectrum extract, the ending product color is quite a dark, golden brownish black look.

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