Reef CBD Waimea Bay Strawberry Guava Vape Juice

Product image 1Reef CBD Waimea Bay Strawberry Guava Vape Juice - Reef CBD
Product image 2Reef CBD Waimea Bay Strawberry Guava Vape Juice - Reef CBD

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Reef CBD Waimea Bay Vape Juice


Waimea Bay by Reef CBD Vape Juice features three big fruit flavors that, when blended together, they create distinctive, rich, and juicy fruit aromas. Every puff of firm sunkissed strawberries, lush sweet guava, and juicy ripe oranges will attack your taste buds with a well-rounded and aromatic cloud of dense fruit flavor that you’ll never want to put down!

Full Description

Waimea Bay actually refers to a beautiful beach in California where deep water swells rise up out of nowhere, build up over lava shelves 100 meters off the coast, and create waves that lurch up and out for walls that reach upwards of 25 feet. This vapable CBD was named after that picturesque beach scene in honor of the incredible flavor in every puff of this sweet and fruity e-liquid. But a flavor this big can’t rely on a single source alone, oh no! This e-liquid features two major fruit flavors, strawberry and guava, with a rounding finish of fresh citrus that will send your vape taste buds into fruit overload! Sweet and sunkissed strawberries gleam in the heat of the summer sun, rich and red and ready to be plucked.

Smooth and juicy guavas lay in wait nearby, each swollen fruit begging to be sliced open and the sweet pink flesh devoured. These two fruits rule the inhale, but the exhale is an entirely different fruit flavor that brings all the fruits together in one puff: fresh California navel oranges. These smooth and juicy citrus spheres are tenderly carved into thick wedges, each slice dripping with succulent orange juice that your vape taste buds will adore. Aside from carrying a powerful punch of fruit flavor, this vape juice is infused with the healing properties of CBD, well-known to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and much more. Grab your 30mL bottle of refreshing fruit flavor and see how CBD can help you in your daily activities, all made possible by Waimea Bay from Reef CBD Vape Juice!


Ingredients: Proprietary blend Broad spectrum hemp extract oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural and/or artificial flavorings.


 Suggested Use: Wattage from 20-40 watts, can be used in any vape device.


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