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About Us

About Us

Crave The Wave With Reef CBD. 

      The sun is setting over the Pacific Ocean horizon and surfers, skaters, joggers, kite surfers, and bicycles are everywhere - this is the California lifestyle. It speaks to health and wellness and fresh air. It invites adventure beach front on the majestic Pacific Ocean and it is the outdoor enthusiast's playground.
     Sitting on the original California surfer's paradise, Huntington Beach, three friends began to hatch an idea.  A healthy supplement for every lifestyle, that would prove to improve the human experience. One that had the potential to change the quality of a human life almost overnight, whether used for supplement or true medicine. 
     Conceived in California, born in the rich southern valleys of Colorado organically, and then raised in the real and true  sun and sand of Surf City California, REEF CBD is the breath of fresh air that is phyto-cannabinoid rich  in health and wellness!
     Whether you are looking to supplement your diet and nutrition with Cannabidiols for optimum health and performance, or you seek relief from any number of symptoms CBD is slated to affect, REEF CBD is the natural choice. Made from pure, natural, organically grown hemp, there is no better natural alternative!

Reef CBD Products

     Reef Products have been scientifically developed; using the finest sourced natural, organic components from around the globe. Throughout this process, we have been able to assist the bodies natural balance by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, through the use of harmonizing essential oils, with other active ingredients allowing for an increased uptake, and greater therapeutic value.


  Our products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality standards and contain only non-detectable THC levels, and are independently lab tested by a third party to ensure the highest standards, and that we are providing a quality product each and ever time.

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