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Reef CBD Honey Sticks - 5 Pack

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Honey Sticks by Reef CBD features sticks of real premium honey that are infused with CBD to present a sweet and sticky treat that your taste buds will go wild for. Enjoy a “pixie-stick-type treat for adults” and feast on something that will have all the bees swarming to you as they claim you to be their queen!

Full Description

Honey Sticks by Reef CBD features a sweet and sticky way to get in your daily dose of CBD, all while keeping a natural way to get that much-needed energy. Each of these sticks contain 13mg-15mg of pure hemp extract, allowing you to de-stress at any point in your hectic day. Honey infused with CBD has also been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels, nourish the skin, aid in weight loss, and speed up wound recovery! These honey sticks are also an excellent substitution for sugar and can be effortlessly incorporated into your snacks, hot and cold beverages, or even right out of the tube! Lastly, these honey sticks offer a rich source of powerful antioxidants and healing antiseptics.

Enjoy one of these honey sticks daily to combat stress at work, school, and home. These honey sticks can be taken first thing in the morning or right before bed as a natural way to relax. They’re safe for your pets as well, so if you have a particularly rowdy four-legged friend, try one of these to calm him/her down! But don’t take our word for it. Grab a bundle today and see how this sweet and delicious honey stick can help you control your stress levels throughout the day, thanks to Honey Sticks by Reef CBD!

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